The Reliant, Coming One Night Only to a Theater Near You!

The Reliant movie poster, written and produced by BEL friend Dr. Patrick JohnstonBob Enyart interviews the writer/producer of the Fathom Event film The Reliant, coming one night only to a theater near you, next Thursday. To see more about Doc Johnston's film and to get tickets for the October 24th showing, just go on over to the film at the above link. (Starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bothsworth, Eric Roberts, Mollee Grey, and the Benham Brothers.) The film has earned more than a dozen First Place film festival awards, already has a deal with and will be streamed by Netflix, and has pre-sold a 100,000 DVDs to the big retalers including Redbox and Walmart. Also, Patrick Johnston is sending ten signed DVDs of The Reliant, one for each of the first ten audience members who email with their guess of which line in the film came from BEL. Wow, what an honor!