Baptist Ethicist to Anti-Gays: You Have Been Warned!

* Baptist "Ethicist" Threat: A Baptist "ethicist" has just published a threat directed at conservative Christians, threatening organizations and even threatening individuals, warning us that he and other advocates of homosexuality will find those of us who don't support homosexuality and that they will deal with us appropriately. Well, they won't have to look too hard to find Bob Enyart Live. Jerry from Mishawaka, Indiana wrote to BEL remembering that in the 1990s Bob would say, "Homosexuality and Christianity are mutually exclusive in the public square. One or the other will be in the closet. If you decriminalize homosexuality, you will criminalize biblical Christianity." Yet for 20 years James Dobson and Focus on the Family rejected BEL's warnings on fundamental biblical insight.

* Bob's Comment Posted Below Gushee's Article: "David Gushee, you were quoted today on America's most powerful Christian radio station, Denver's 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. As the host of Bob Enyart Live, I'd like to let you know three things. We are not 'hiding'. You don't have to 'find' us. And lastly, we are not "neutral". Instead, we warn people about you and about the scourge of homosexuality." here

* CRTL Interview with AFA One News Now on the 2015 Suicide Ballot Initiative: Also during today's program, Bob speaks to the American Family News to warn Christians against Colorado's euthanasia ballot Initiative 145 which would decriminalize the killing of many of those with a terminal illness.

* Partial Transcript of Bob's Comments to AFA: (As a spokesman for Colorado RTL, at Denver University, Bob Enyart argued against Colorado’s euthanasia law in a panel discussion that included former governor Dick Lamm.)

Colorado’s ballot initiative Medical Aid in Dying violates God’s command in Exodus 23:7 which states, Do not kill the innocent. God also warns through the prophet Ezekiel, "Do not “profane Me [by] killing people who should not die, and keeping people alive who should not live...” So not surprisingly, virtually all the secular groups that oppose the death penalty for the guilty, advocate killing the innocent, whether the unborn child or the infirm. Liberals generally, in fact, support protecting the guilty and killing the innocent.

Suicide is destabilizing, like with 9/11 and suicide bombers. When you remove the intense social stigma against suicide, then many people more readily include suicide among their options, and that includes teenagers, weak minded people, murder-suicide criminals, those who attempt suicide-by-cop, and even kamikazes, and today, Islamic suicide bombers. Suicide is inherently destabilizing, and it’s promoted by those who don’t know right from wrong.

Speaking of the infirm, it's not wrong to die, but it is wrong to kill someone. The more wicked someone is, the more compassionate they make euthanasia appear. For example, one of the most beautifully crafted pro-suicide movies ever produced was the award-winning film, I Accuse. A husband tried in every way to help his ailing wife recover, but when all hope was lost, he lovingly helped her kill herself.

That film, I Accuse, premiered in Berlin and Rome, praised by the axis powers and was released during WWII.
It was produced by the Germans, by the NAZIs. Some of the cast and crew of that film later were tried at Nuremberg for Crimes Against Humanity for their part in the Nazi euthanasia program which killed tens of thousands of Germans.