Evolution's Big Squeeze Pt. 2

* List of Discoveries Squeezing Evolution: Bob Enyart and Fred Williams continue RSR's List of Discoveries Squeezing Evolution, aka, Evolution's Big Squeeze! Many discoveries squeeze beyond recognition the timeframe of the theory of evolution! And of course, without a workable timeframe, there is no workable theory. From Part 1, dinosaurs ate rice before rice evolved. Turtle shells existed forty million years before turtle shells began evolving. Advance birds appeared before birds evolved. Yes, the fossil record is a wonderful thing! And insects evolved to eat from flowers 70 million years before flowers evolved! In Part 2 the Real Science Radio hosts begin with a look at how the big squeeze affects whale evolution! (And make sure to first hear Part 1 at rsr.org/squeeze.)

Fruit fly proboscis as an example of other proboscises

* Evolution's Big Squeeze: Many discoveries are uncomfortably squeezing the Darwinian theory's timeframe. And of course, without a workable timeframe, there is no workable theory. Examples, with their alleged and falsified old-earth timeframes, include:
- Butterflies existed 10 million years before they were thought to have evolved.
- Cephalopod fossils (squids, cuttlefish, etc.) appear 35 million years before they were able to propagate.
- Dinosaurs ate rice before it evolved.
- Insect proboscis (tongue) in moths and butterflies 70 million years before previously believed has them evolving before flowers.
- 100 million years ago and already a bird
- Fossil pollen pushes back plant evolution 100 million years.
- Mammalian hair allegedly 100-million-years-old show that, "the morphology of hair cuticula may have remained unchanged throughout most of mammalian evolution", regarding the overlapping cells that lock the hair shaft into its follicle.
- more

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