Sex Without Responsibility Motivates the Big Liberal Issues

Bob Enyart looks at: two very bad photos of Pope Francis; the two subjects that girls excel in; the two Kavanaugh accusers (but then there was one); Reason #1,347 to get your kids out of public school; and Jimmy Kimmel's Kavanaugh comment confirming what Bob told him on two occasions, "Jimmy, you're not a comedian. You're just a crouch humorist." Bob then presents the case that what motivates liberals most are the issues, surprisingly diverse, that promote sex without responsibility. But, why is that? Because that is one of the most effective ways to get people to join in the long war against God and to destroy themselves, their family, and their nation.

* Sexual Immorality Motivates Many Liberal Issues: Rather than have you killed, those in rebellion against God (including Satan) would much rather you destroy yourself, thereby willingly joining their ranks. For "he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body." It turns out that promotion of sex outside of marriage motivates most of the issues that liberals are obsessed with, including welfare, abortion, over-population, no fault divorce, public education, and evolution.

* BEL's List of the Big Liberal Issues: (and why)

Liberal Issue

Significantly Motivated By

Abortion is sex without responsibility

Animal Rights

because they wickedly claim that animals and bugs (and even plants) are as valuable as people, and then they think that their own bad behavior is justified by an appeal to animal behavior, and elevating animal rights denigrates human rights, making people seem like just animals, so they can act like animals.

Legalized Bestiality

because if anything goes, then anyone can do whatever they want. Sex with animals in the medical literature is responsible for syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV. Normalization of bestiality is supported in the standard U.S. zoning code, and decriminalization is supported by evolutionist PZ Myers (whom Bob has sparred with) and even more aggressively, bizarrely, by Myers' daughter.


because worshipping the creation rather than the Creator turns man into animals, masks the dignity of the human being, and removes people, so they think, from any obligation to obey God.


Evolution says animals turned into men, but the theory actually turns men into animals, turns men and women into mere animals, who then think that they are justified in behaving like animals. Evolution says animals turned into men, but it actually turns men into animals.


brings women down to the gutter to share in the sexual promiscuity of men


empties the cup of lust to its dregs. See

Kids Condoms

given to them by the godless public schools and abortion clinics, to promote sex without responsibility

Legalized Adultery

sex without conscience, without regard for others

Legalized Fornication

sex without concern for families, God, or children (who are often thereby conceived)

National Health Care

enables sex without responsibility through tax funded abortion & birth control

No Spanking

is like joint custody with the government, leading to kids who reject their parents' authority and even mock mom and dad

No-fault Divorce

adultery without consequences


demands condoms be given to kids and mothers abort their children, trying to promote sex without responsibility

Legalized Pornography

trying to devise sex without responsibility

Legalized Prostitution

is sex without responsibility

Public Education

to officially promote a godless society which mocks God's decrees on sexual morality

Public housing

is sex without responsibility (taxes fund offspring shelter)

Question Authority

so that college professors, etc., can have sex with their co-eds

Same-sex Marriage

to throw off the teachings of Jesus Christ who said that God made us male and female from the beginning (not after billions of years) of creation, and that a man would leave his parent's house for his wife


in significant part, the government pays to raise the children conceived by men having sex with unmarried women

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