The Setterfield Cosmology with Joe Spears Part III (F#m)

*Distant Starlight: RSR welcomes back Joe Spears and Doug McBurney look further into the Setterfield Plasma Cosmology, and what Moses might have been describing in Genesis when he wrote “let there be light.”

*CDK: Perhaps you’ve heard it said that plasma cosmology asserts that the speed of light is decaying. But listen in to find out why that’s not the case, and what might really be going on.

*Stochastic Electrodynamics: A thinner ZPE energy, (demonstrated in experiments via observation of the Casimir effect) before the heavens were stretched out would mean the light from great distances in the ancient past reached us on earth, (and the secular cosmologists ideas of “inflation” are just playing catch-up). Electrically charged Planck particles likely generated electrical currents and magnetic fields during the stretching out of the heavens, (which secular cosmology might confuse with “inflation.)”

*The chord (F#m): Hear about a report from over 20 years ago from the Boomerang Telescope project that gave cosmologists their first insight into the music of creation, making God’s statement “let there be light” come to life!

*The Composition: The Marklund Convection is based on the ionization potential of matter in the universe. Hear how the original song of creation is revealed in the actual physical composition of our solar system. 

*The Creation: It’s a BIG, BIG universe, and there’s a lot to observe and describe! We recommend the Bible, and Barry Setterfield’s plasma cosmology, (which he calls a Biblical cosmology) to better understand the creation, and especially