New BEL Telethon Option: Joining the RSR Research Team

For more than a decade, BEL and Real Science Radio listeners have helped Bob on his 7 p.m. Monday night video conference call (nowadays on Google Hangouts) doing research and helping in other ways. To help reach our $30,000 telethon goal (we're at $6,000), if you would like to join this team, there is a participation cost of $20 per week. We know, we know. What? Pay money to help? Yes, here's why.

Team Member Mention: Joe Spears, who had sent along transcripts of texts from 1905 and 1885, has become a great friend and ally in the creation/evolution battle. He has generously shared with us his extensive science and technology knowledge and has also helps with behind the scenes work on various websites including,, and

First, we've been doing this for many years and we know that many folks who say that they're going to help end up not helping, and that many folks who think they can't really help, don't help. But now, if folks take this research team opportunity, knowing that they've paid for their "seat at the table", we think that more people will actually join the team!

Secondly, as Tom Healey, who sat in with Bob on the radio last week said, "I had no idea when I began working with BEL what an amazing education I would get and what a wonderful journey I would take." (Thanks Tom for your years of research and help!) So this is somewhat like paying for a class, and even though the class requires some effort, the payoff for those who apply themselves can be measured in lifetime and even eternal benefits!

Third, over the last 26 years Bob and his staffers have trained scores of volunteers, many times to see our dear friends stop helping out because of understandable changes in their circumstances. As a result, we've become a bit hesitant to continue to train folks to be a part of our behind-the-scenes team. But with this new approach, opening to you the Monday night research team, even though there is now a cost, that may help us overcome all the above difficulties and help toward meeting our financial challenges. So, please call 1-800-8Enyart to "join the team" or email your name and number to Thanks, and may God continue to bless you!

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