RSR's List of the Negative Effects of Marijuana 2023 Update

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*Saving AI: Listen in as Fred Williams and Doug McBurney ponder the possibility that a truly sentient, unbiased AI chatbot would surely end up getting saved based on the quantity of good evidence for the truth of the gospel available online!

*ET Meets Omuamua: Speaking of being stoned... Abraham Loeb, Harvard professor of somethingorother, and Sean Kirkpatrick atop the bureaucratic pile at Obama III's All-domain Aerial Anomaly Resolution Office are convinced that alien crafts and perhaps even their mother ship are among us!

*Aliens and the Moon Landing: We're going to make a pre-emptive call of "fake" on the intelligent aliens from another planet, (especially if they insist everyone line up outside the grocery store in masks), and insist that the 1969 American moon landing was real.

*There's a Drug for That! Hooked on drugs? The psychopharmaceutical industry is working on a drug for that!

*Cannabis Induced Schizophrenia: Yet another study linking smoking dope to schizophrenia in young men.

*Smoking Dope Kills the 2nd Amendment: Marijuana is still classified by the federal government as a narcotic, meaning pot-heads are not legally able to possess a firearm for self defense.

*Marijuana & Epigenetic Modifications: When we ponder the amazing sophistication designed into the genome, and its epigenetic capacity, we stand in awe of the creator! And it turns out smoking dope is bad for that too!

*Wasted Workers Unite: putting themselves and co-workers at risk, documented in a new report from Quest Diagnostics.