The Magnificent Octopus

*JWST and the SEIVE: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney bask in the creationist friendly glow of more observed facts rolling in from the James West Space Telescope. The story was about galaxies looking far too young to be so old, and it’s driving the guardians of the Secular Evolution Inviolable Version of Everything (SEIVE) Bananas!

 *Are Octopuses Aliens? Or are they just really, really cool? Here at RSR we go with the latter! Listen in to hear just how this magnificent creature reflects God’s engineering genius, and extraordinary creativity. But scientists holding to the SEIVE insist the extra-terrestrial origin comes not from the Creator God, but from…. wait for it…, wait for it… ALIENS!

 *Octopus Design: Check out this fascinating and stunning TED talk on the incredible design and function of our amazing cephalopod!