Counting to 30k, Arabic airport chant, & hypocrite Iran to ban U.S.

muslim-airport-prayers-enyart-cmt.jpgBob Enyart reports on the stories and then presents BEL's vital telethon goal of $30,000 dollars! So first, we hear audio of a priceless image: an Imam on a prayer rug leading scores of Muslims on the floor of the Dallas Fort-Worth airport praying to Allah. A bit of confusion at airports was a small price to pay to obtain this enduring disturbing image. And note Iran's hypocrisy saying they will ban Americans because they feel insulted whereas we're temporarily banning Iranians because we're trying to reduce the number of incoming Muslims who want to kill us. Bob then offers TWO GIFTS, Dr. Walt Brown's book "In the Beginning" AND Bob's Big Bang video to anyone who gives subscribes to our monthly services or who gives $100 or more to our BEL telethon!