Denver Women's March and the Neck Vein Girl

* Ten Seconds of Tolerance: Bob Enyart airs ten seconds of a feminist protester screaming in the face of a young Christian man. She's yelling, "Hail sodomy or death camps for them all." This gal is one of the beautiful people who affirm tolerance, free speech, diversity, and respect for all peoples! Then Bob interviews one of the eight Christians who stood their ground Saturday (okay, with 30 state troopers protecting them) on the steps of the Colorado Capitol while thousands of leftist protesters gnashed their teeth at the Christians.

* For the First Monday that Donald Trump Woke Up in the White House: (post-show update) See the full-page Washington Times ad run by Colorado Right To Life to urge the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the new Trump administration, to learn what is right and to do what is right, by the most innocent among us.

President Trump...

Click to see the Trump ad in context of the full edition of the Times or for just the ad, click on this tear sheet header: 

The header of CRTL's full-page Wash Times ad to Donald Trump