ObamaCare - Repeal & Repeal!

* DrudgeWithoutThePorn.com: Tune in as to hear the show that was deplorable before deplorable was cool… Bob and co-host Doug McBurney suggest a filter in order to view The Drudge Report without suffering through Matt Drudge’s obvious obsessions with pornography, prostitution, and sex robots.

* RightsForRobots.com: In the spirit of AlGore’s carbon credits business model wee seek to ameliorate the fear of robots and automation, and ensure social justice by ensuring a minimum wage for robots, to be paid to us, or our agents, and distributed equitably among the robots.

* A Limp Wrist: appeared under the tent where the camels nose had been spotted, the day the Boy Scouts of America gave in to the perverts and allowed homosexual boy scouts, and then homo scout masters, and now what’s next?

* Welcome to the Third World: is a welcome message that is now appropriate at the entrance of every hospital in England where the Red Cross is being enlisted to rescue patients from Britain’s National Health Service!

* Hacking Among Hacks: Bob discusses the fact that with all of this talk of the Russians hacking the DNC, that at least the liberals finally mis-trust the Russians! He also asks what their opinion would be now had the hacks helped to derail the election of a RE-publican, and he reminds us that Barry and the Democrats worked openly to undermine the election of Benjamin Netanyahu.

* Repealing ObamaCare: Bob and Doug have some advice for the RE-publicans on Obamacare... Do not “Repeal and Replace. Please…Repeal and Repeal!!