Gutsy Move in Indiana To Repeal Misguided Pro-life Regulations

Bob Enyart interviews Amy Schlichter, director of Hoosiers for Life on Rep. Curt Nisly's HB 1134 which seeks to protect by law every unborn child in their state. To do so, the bill first repeals all the existing (well-intentioned but) misguided abortion regulations. Post-show update: Indiana's HB 1134 has passed its first reading in committee and is at the Public Policy Committee. So now the fate of 8,000 Hoosier children lays with one man, Ben Smaltz. Call the legislature at 317-232-9620 to request a hearing of HB 1134, the Protection at Conception Bill! Planned Parenthood will be lobbying at the statehouse to kill our bill (and our children). So call Mr. Smaltz to save these children! Also, please check out:
(and ARTL's defense of Amy's glass-half-empty perspective, at)