Brave New Year

* Murder Suicide High: While Bob is on assignment studying the effects of various bacterium and viruses on the upper respiratory and lower G.I. tracts, guest host Doug McBurney sits in to warn parents about reasons 1088 and 1089 to get (or keep) your kids OUT of the government schools.

* For the first time ever...



* Save the Humans: Listen in to hear about Prince Harry’s sincere concern for the fate of all the species, except human.

* Universal Basic Destruction: Now that Finland has begun their brave new experiment to guarantee their citizens a “universal basic income” we here at Bob Enyart Live stand back and marvel at the decline and fall of European civilization and the socialist’s inhumanity toward man.

* One Hand on the Wheel: Or no hands… Hear how smart cars and smart roads are coming sooner than you think, and get your host’s opinion on what we should do if the government is watching where our cars are driving…

* Codified Madness: Another new experiment launched in 2017: the mandated suspension of disbelief in medicine! It begs the question: if a tranny in the forest wants a hysterectomy, will the absence of a uterus make a sound?

* From the Battle of Tours to… this? France has joined 42 (not 52 as reported by the geniuses at Breitbart), (and by the way they are all socialist leftist) governments in banning the proper discipline of children. Ensuring a generation of helpless submissive misfits even as the Moslem hordes continue the invasion.