The Man in the Moon Part II

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*Bob on Drugs: It's the video where Todd, a drug addict, calls in to talk to Bob. Todd is desperate, lifeless, and out of money, and he needs help. Did he call the right place? Did Bob suggest a government program? Well, not exactly! Learn what the Bible says about drugs, and watch Bob offer hope and solutions, through Jesus Christ.

*Transient New Jersey Event: A meteor that recently crashed through a Hopewell Township New Jersey is a hint about the creation of the universe, and why The Man in the Moon looks down on New Jersey, (and California).

*If You Believe: ...they put a man on the moon: but they can't explain how the moon came to be. Hear about secular moon formation theories and some other fun facts from lunar bombardment to the Hydroplate Theory from our HPT based moon paper submitted to the ICC.

*Satanic Romper Room: Have you noticed how much time, money and effort are expended by the evolutionists in marketing their fables to children? Thank Heaven the home-school environment provides an alternative!

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