Smithsonian Ape Man Myths (with Brodie Leitch) Part I

*Missing Link: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome RSR’s resident “ape-man” expert Brodie Leitch to analyze skeletal fossils and other sundry bits surrounding the one thing the evolutionists don’t have, (i.e. a theory of origins). This makes you wonder how they get away with calling their premier temple of “ape to man” evolutionary tales the “Hall of Human Origins.”

 * Fake Gender Friday: Listeners remind RSR that there is a show on NPR that mimics Real Science Radio from time to time, (when they happen to mention octopi that is. Not when they’re promoting the criminal mutilation and molestation of children).

*Lost Generation: The negligence of the church in understanding and teaching the science of Genesis, and human origins has proven fatal to millions of kids born into nominal Christianity, but abandoned by fearful, ignorant adults to secular myths that lead straight to Hell!

 *Earth to Captain Kirk: Doug tells the story of the late great pastor Bob Enyart leading his church group through the Denver Museum of Natural History’s “Prehistoric Journey” exhibit, and causing the curator, “Dr.” Kirk Johnson to question his own existence. (“Captain Kirk” has since failed upward through the ranks of bureaucrats to become assistant secretary of something or other at the Smithsonian).

 *Open AI Shuts Down: Fred sent ChatGPT into “Network Error” mode by asking it for "evidence against ape-man”, and then showed the stupidity of the Open AI programmers by asking it about something stupid, (i.e., human evolution).

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 *Lucy in Disguise with Lies on…: Listen in as Brodie Leitch out-smiths the Smithsonian in his analysis of the rather extraordinary sleight of hand, (and mind) baked into the myth of “Lucy”, and other popular ape-to-man evolution stories.

Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy)

lucy asking "that all you got?"







*Army of < One: While anthropologists brag that the bones of AL-333 represent an “army” of hundreds of implied skeletons, a closer examination of the record proves each “specimen” is actually a bone fragment, (equal to about 1.33% of a skeleton) and not even one complete skeleton at all!

Army of one - lies vs reality







“Australopithecus afarensis” (pronounced: “Ah-strey-low-pith-eh-kus a-far-en-sis”,) was formally named in 1978 after several fossil finds in Ethiopia and Tanzania. However, fossils found as early as the 1930s (40 years prior) have been labeled as “afarensis”.

 “afarensis” is best known from the following specimens:

 AL 288-1


lucy bones

AL 288-1 (AKA “Lucy”) is arguably the most famous of the “Afarensis specimens”. It’s a group of bones which were collected from a large hillside and assembled into a partial skeleton. Some evolutionists claim that the skeleton is around 40% complete, but of the 207 bones that supposedly existed, only 47 have been found, making this “skeleton” (by bone count) only 22.7% complete. (47 ÷ 207 = 22.7%) Many evolutionists claim that all the bones in the skeleton belong to a single creature or at least a single species. This idea was brought into question when it was discovered that a baboon bone had remained in the skeleton for over 40 years. (If you think that an ape-man turning out to be a conglomerate after 40 years sounds familiar, you may be on to something.)


*Out With a Roar: Hear about the metatarsal bone attributed to one of Lucy’s relatives, (and said to be serious evidence of an upright walking posture), and judge for yourself if someone examining it could be mistaken, (especially if they examined it with certain presuppositions)?


bones                  mopre bones





*Making ChatGPT See RED: When Fred asked ChatGPT about “apemen”, it started off OK, but then appears to have lost its temper, and stormed off into a “Network Error.”

Making Chat GPT Seeing Red