Serpent and Staff, Paradise Lost, & the Big Squeeze

Biblical medical symbol of a serpent and a staff* Just 300 Views from a Third of a Million! Please click on over to help Bob and Fred reach the milestone of 333,333 views on the Bob Enyart Live YouTube channel! [Thanks so much! You guys did it in an hour! -Bob]

* Another Item Added to RSR's Exodus List: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the new bullet over at which adds to the list of everything that would have no foundation in history if the Exodus were not historical, including the Ten Commandments, the words has no Pharaoh, Goshen, and Alphabet, and the principle that even government leaders must obey the law.

Skull found in China AGAIN rewriting history of human evolution...* Rewriting Human History & The Big Squeeze: guys also give a few examples of Evolution's Big and they chuckle about all the discoveries, major and minor, which lead evolutionists to say, This may cause us to rewrite human evolution! :)

* Show Update -- Ha! They're Rewriting Human History AGAIN: Four days after our Friday program, we learn from the Journal of Physical Anthropology as described in the UK's Independent that, "A skull found in China [40 years ago] could re-write our entire understanding of human evolution." See this also at

* Paradise Lost: Bob and Fred also give accolades to the film Genesis Paradise Lost. Bob especially loved the Day 3 animation of how God may have pulled the plants out of the ground!

* Bob's Sons in School: Finally, the guys describe Bob's sons' reactions to the claims of their science teachers and curriculum authors, from both college and homeschool. Fred Williams recalls from a previous program discussing One of Bob's sons challenged his homeschool curriculum which claimed that volcanos have always been a vital part of Earth's ecosystems. And another son, Michael, challenged his college teacher who claimed:
Teacher: The argument for God from functional complexity has been falsified by Darwin.
Michael: Even if Darwinism were correct, there's still no explanation for functional complexity outside of biology.
Teacher: There is no functional complexity outside of biology.
Michael: Sure there is. The water cycle is one example. It's functional and complex. And life on Earth depends on the water cycle.
Another student: Yeah, and the atmosphere is pretty complex, and that's functional too.
To which RSR replies: Yeah!

* A Post-show Matter: Technology never goes back in the box. So America's military won't want to be caught off guard regarding increasingly targeted weapons. However, regardless of the development of autonomous killer drones, there it's a greater security matter already at hand...

Enyart's comment at supporting a ban and decrying the dismemberment of unborn children...