Matt Slick debates Will Duffy Dec 1st & 2nd

Bob Enyart discusses the important of the upcoming Great Debate between Matt Slick, founder of vs. Will Duffy, founder of Folks are coming to Denver from out of state so please try to attend if you at all can, 6:30 p.m. Friday evening, Dec. 1st and 1:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, Dec. 2nd at Denver Bible Church 4085 Independence Ct. Wheat Ridge CO 80033. December 1: Is Open Theism a Proper Representation of the God of Scripture? December 2: Does Calvinism Present God as Good and Loving? See more at

Open Theism vs Calvinism, Matt Slick vs Will Duffy debate, Dec 1 & 2
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* Bob Enyart Debates D. James Kennedy's Professor of New Testament in a written, ten-round moderated Open Theism debate with Dr. Samuel Lamerson of Knox Theological Seminary on whether the future is settled or open.
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UPDATE: On May 9, 2013, Bob's wife wrote:

"Whenever I see people saying God is sovereign, I'd like to think they mean that He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Creator and Judge. But I really think it's become a term used mostly by folks who think God (ultimately) predestined the most evil and filthy things, so they feel the need to do damage control on behalf of God's reputation. Saying 'God is sovereign' makes Him sound powerful in a righteous sort of way, which makes them feel better when they wrongly claim that every vile wicked thing originated, before the foundation of the earth, in the mind of God."

-Cheryl Enyart

* The Debate's Clickable Table of Contents: In nearly a decade since the debate, some of the Open Theist posts in this TOL debate have become "go to" resources for some of our KGOV listeners! So to better help Bible students find what they're looking for, we provide this clickable Table of Contents:

Debate Introduction

Settled View Post 1A Opening Statement Against Open Theism with Arguments from Mat. 6:8 and Prophecy about Peter [p. 11 in printed debate available from BEL]
Open View Post 1B Opening Statement Supporting Open Theism Contrasting the Quantitative vs. the Qualitative (philosophical vs. Biblical) Attributes of God  [p. 17]

Settled View Post 2A Rebuttal to Enyart’s Divine Attributes Argument [p. 29]
Open View Post 2B Answering Prophecies about Judas; Presentation of Non-prophecies Concept  [p. 35]

Settled View Post 3A Reply to Enyart’s Judas Argument; Reply to Non-prophecy  [p. 47]
Open View Post 3B Assessment of the Debate Progress; Columbine dad’s letter to Lamerson; How to falsify openness; Isaiah settled view  [p. 57]

Settled View Post 4A Q&A Only  [p. 71]
Open View Post 4B Conditional Prophecy; Problem of Evil; On How to Make a Rooster Crow (about Peter); On Declaring Victory  [p. 77]

Settled View Post 5A Reintroduction of Mat. 6:8 Argument; Reintroduction of Peter Argument; Reintroduction of Judas Argument  [p. 91]
Open View Post 5B Assessment of the Debate Progress; Exhaustive Foreknowledge and General Immutability Concepts come from Greek Philosophy  [97; also at]

Settled View Post 6A Author’s Intent Hermeneutic; Reintroduction of Mat. 6:8; Reintroduction of Peter Argument; Reintroduction of Judas Argument [p. 111]
Open View Post 6B JONAH Hermeneutic: Jehovah’s Obvious Nativity Attributes Hermeneutic; Openness through the Entire Bible (in thirds) [p. 119]

Settled View Post 7A Enyart is Unresponsive and Misunderstands Linguistic Evidence  [p. 133]
Open View Post 7B Lamerson Appeals to 16 Non-Scriptural Authorities; Almost all References to God are Not Metaphors; Three Proof-Texts Deal; JONAH and NOAH  [p. 139]

Settled View Post 8A Defending Use of Non-Scriptural Authorities; Enyart Unresponsive on Peter and Judas Arguments; Historical Grammatical Hermeneutic; Micah 5:2; 1 Peter 1:2; Matthew 25:34; Defense of Tolle Lege Signature  [p. 153]
Open View Post 8B Lamerson Denies that God’s Goodness takes Precedence over Quantitative Attribute of Knowledge; Proof of Openness; Three Openness Proof Texts; Openness in the Gospels; Contingency of the Second Coming; Lamerson Admits His Settled View Side Often Appeals to Extra-Biblical Authorities  [p. 161]

Settled View Post 9A On Jesus’ ‘Mistakes;’ On Jesus’ Divesting Himself of Attributes; Reintroduction of Peter Argument; Reintroduction of Judas Argument  [p. 177]
Open View Post 9B On Sam Defending Influence from Greek Philosophy; On Noah’s Name and Repentance; Psalm 139:16 is about Fetology; On Peter and Judas; On Foreknowing Individuals  [p. 189]

Settled View Post 10A Paul IS Influenced by Pagans; Hebrews IS Influenced by Plato; Openness Has Jesus Making Mistakes; Openness Apparently Teaches that Evil Happens for No Reason  [p. 201]
Open View Post 10B Living, Personal, Relational, Good, and Loving; Settled View Lost the Debate on its Own Terms; Summarizing the Mat. 6:8, Peter and Judas Arguments; Settled View Bias Regarding the Son of Man Title; Winning on Scriptural Terms; Bob Role Plays Sam to Answer Remaining Questions  [p. 205]

* Battle Royale X: Bob Enyart vs Samuel Lamerson on Open Theism: And now, about Bob's debate at

Email from a Canadian Reader

Thanks for suggesting the [TOL Battle Royale X] Open Theism debate between D. James Kennedy's professor and your Denver Bible Church. I just want to let you know that I can't believe what I'm reading. I'm totally shocked, stunned and mesmerized. This debate is FANTASTIC... Your open theism side is literally 'crushing' the Calvinist side. And with it, I'm sorry to say, you're crushing most of what I've always believed. This is sooooooo good and sooooooo smart. There's not even a typo in it and I love the gentle attitude as well. Not proud or arrogant. It's all unreal! I don't think I've ever been so impressed by anything in my life. I'm really learning a lot. Please thank your pastor Bob and your church for me. I love it. You guys are the best!

In Him,
Barry from Ontario, Canada
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