Darwin's Finches in Hyperspeed! Interviewing Dr. Lee Spetner

Dr. Lee Spetner's book cover for his Evolution Revolution* Lee Spetner Finally on RSR: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews American Israeli scientist Dr. Lee Spetner. Brace yourself to hear about what happened to 40 colonies of bacteria and also about what happened to birds of a single species of finch, not over a period of 2.3 million years (as with Darwin's, allegedly) but over only 17 years! (This broadcast forms part of our years-long metaseries interviewing leading intelligent design advocates and scientists associated with the Discovery Institute.)

* Enjoy Dr. Spetner's Evolution Revolution: As discussed on today's program, Spetner's second book, The Evolution Revolution, further confirms his non-random evolution model. You can get it at Amazon!

* Finches Adapt in 17 Years, Not 2.3 Million: As for Charles Darwin's finches, they're claimed to have taken 2,300,000 years to diversify from an initial species blown onto the Galapagos Islands. Yet individuals from a single finch species on a U.S. Bird Reservation in the Pacific were introduced to a group of small islands 300 miles away and in at most 17 years, lPhoto of a finchike Darwin's finches, they had diversified their beaks, related muscles, and behavior to fill various ecological niches. See also Jean Lightner's review of the Grants' 40 Years.

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