Daniel Kish is Batman

*Visioneers: Hosts Fred Williams and Doug McBurney welcome Daniel Kish to Real Science Radio. Daniel has been called the “Batman” because he uses echolocation to compensate for his blindness. And he really gets around! Not only that, but he teaches others to do the same! Daniel is the founder of World Access for the Blind and Visioneers.org. Mr. Listen in and be inspired by the story and the vision of this teacher, and educational innovator. Daniel is joined on the interview by one of his students Derrick Twene, who talks about the differences in learning and using echo-location for those who have had sight, versus those who never had sight. It’s a truly fascinating and “eye-opening” discussion!

*Echolocation: is one of our favorite topics because it’s irreducible sophistication is just more evidence that all of us, and the world we navigate together are fearfully and wonderfully made!