"The Great Reset" and Hackable Animals, Part I

RSR host Fred Williams is joined by Brian Lauer to unravel the World Economic Forum's "The Great Reset", a consortium of wealthy and powerful evolutionists looking to use the pandemic as an excuse to push their worldview. On the surface, it's just another socialist economic plan in a similar vein to FDR's disastrous New Deal and LBJ's failed Great Society, but this time it's driven by the flawed science of materialism and climate change. Like its predecessors, the underlying false assumptions will end up hurting the economy and tearing away at the middle class, further dividing society and fueling class warfare. "The Great Reset" globalists have posted 8 predictions of what the world will look like in 2030 if governments buy into their short-sighted ideas. Better stock up on T-bones now!

But even more sinister are a litany of ideas hidden in the subterfuge of "The Great Reset", such as biometric surveillance and transhumanism. A key advisor to "The Great Reset" is Yuval Noah Harari, a history professor  at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While he warns that transhumanism can be pushed too far, such as digital dictatorships with total control over their population, his false worldview steeped in the fake science of materialism leads him to the silly belief that humans are "hackable animals" that can have their total consciousness manipulated such that "free will is over". For more, check out this brief video Brian found and hear it for yourself! You can also hear more from his talk at a recent creation conference.

Be sure to also check out Brian Lauer's YouTube channel where he defends Biblical Truth including the Hydroplate theory. You can also find his Rumble channel here.

Stay tuned for Part II, where Fred and Brian will dive in further into the growing danger of transhumanism and its disturbing connection to eugenics.