Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Believe (AI Part IV)

*Alt Intelligence: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney start with a quote from Open AI CEO Sam Altman, who thinks of himself (and everyone else it seems) as a “stochastic parrot.”

* Men with Machines: From Asimov, to Dune, to Google’s original slogan, “Don’t be Evil”, to the secular government’s advancement of equity; we should all be concerned that the men behind AI may not be telling the whole truth…

*Artificial Origin’s: Hear how the current AI chatbots respond to real questions about creation and origins, (and how to nudge it closer to the truth).

*Worms and Curtains: Here how Microsoft’s Bill Gates faked the Local Area Network at the Consumer Electronics show in the 80's, and how a young investigative reporter named Bob Enyart evaded Mr. Gates effort to silence him with a Non Disclosure Agreement! 

*Are The Three R’s D.I.Eing? Reading, writing and arithmetic are being replaced by more wicked acronyms in the real world, and it’s getting coded into the modern, secular AI infrastructure.

*Artificial Talk Show: Could AI replace the Real Science Radio brain trust? Or take over the news, (or at least MSNBC)? Or take your job?

*Light in the Darkness: AI already recognizes human content vs AI generated content, and if the gospel’s out there, (and we’ll all make sure it is together) it might just recognize the divine, and be another tool for telling the world about Jesus Christ.