GPS, Flying Fish, And the Most Painful Bite in the World

GPS Does NOT require Einstein Relativity.  Fred and Ryan discuss the claim that GPS systems rely on Einstein's special and general relativity. They debunk this claim by explaining how GPS works and how clock synchronization is the key, not relativity.  As noted GPS scientist Dr. Tom Van Flandern quipped, "They have basically blown off Einstein."

The Insect with the Most Painful Bite.  For the Interesting Fact of the Week, find out if oft-bit Ryan can answer correctly!

The Flying Fish. How about the amazing abilities of flying fish! Fred & Ryan muse how humans are not designed to see as well underwater as they do on land, but this flying fish can do both! 

Turtle DNA. How about another discovery of DNA in a fossil that joins a long list of challenges to the idea of millions of years. We like turtles, they support the truth of a young earth, and we still like our straws at restaurants too!