Astronomer Danny Falkner on RSR on the Flat Earth

Falling-Flat.png* The ScopeSeven percent of Brazil's adults believe the Earth is flat; 10% of the French doubt it's a globe; and ScienceAlert reports on a YouGov survey showing that nearly three million U.S. "adults" 18 to 24 claim the earth is flat. Meanwhile, the global young earth creation movement rescues people out of the flat earth movement.

* The Interview: Bob Enyart interviews a Ph.D. in astronomy Dr. Danny Faulkner on his book, Falling Flat: A Refutation of Flat Earth Claims. Dr. Faulkner says that at the beginning of their first semester, none of his students at the University of South Carolina were able to answer his question, how do we know that the Earth is a sphere? But, as we would expect, when he taught at a Christian high school, his new students there were able to answer his question. Danny describes for our Real Science Radio audience the cosmology of the flat earth movement including their claim about the shape of the Earth, a dome with embedded stars, and a spotlight sun and moon, and their common conflation of geocentrism with their flat earth syndrome. The guys also discuss the Columbus myth, the modern fabrication that the church had ever taught a flat earth, the Christian creationists Copernicus, Newton, and Kepler, who introduced and explained heliocentrism, and the causes of the modern flat earth movement including paranoia and the horrendously poor state of science education in the west. Finally, Dr. Faulkner and Bob discuss some of their favorite arguments against the flat earth.

* The Chicago Photo: While Bob and Dr. Faulkner discuss how the weather affects light, check out the December 26, 2019 photographs of an eclipse on the horizon over the Persian Gulf. 

* The Flat Earth Graphic: Have you noticed that the stars rotate in the opposite direction, and that the "man in the moon" is upside down, in the southern hemisphere? (Remember Bob's New Zealand trip.) Compared to viewing it from the northern hemisphere, you don't see a different side of the Moon (see below) in the southern hemisphere, as you would with the flat earth's nearby moon, but it merely appears upside down, which is a simple cure for the flat earth syndrome:

Stars rotate in the OPPOSITE direction and you don't see different sides of the moon, but it's only UPSIDE DOWN in the southern as compared to the northern hemisphere.
Hey Flat Earthers! In the South, the stars rotate in the
opposite direction! And instead of seeing different sides,
the Moon's just upside down! See Supermoon March 2011
from Ekaterinburg Russia and Invercargill, New Zealand.

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* Google Shows Flat Earth Online Activity Down: In May 2020 Dr. Faulkner helped RSR understand the results in the graph below that only appear to depict worldwide and US plummeting flat earth interest. Instead though it may primarily reflect Google's policy change to decrease the visibility of conspiracies. Of course, including because of their godlessness, Google is far from infallible in their determination of what is fake news. However, their policy change may belie a growing flat-earth critical mass which evil we Christians should continue to battle against.

Flat earth issue peaked in popularity in 2018; now plummeting, thankfully! :)

* Christian Religious Orders that Taught a Flat Earth
: Which of the Christian religious orders through history that taught that the earth is flat (for example, which among the Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustinians, Benedictines, Trappists, Carmelites), and which of the Protestant denominations taught that, and which schools of the Eastern Orthodox, and which of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church taught that, and which of the councils taught that, and which of the creeds taught that, and which of the dozens of colleges and universities of the Reformation, and which of the church's leading theologians taught that, including Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, etc? Answer: NONE OF THEM. Millions of atheists, etc., have alleged that the church has historically taught a flat earth either because those materialists are uneducated or because they are willing to make false accusations. See the links at for University of California history professor Dr. Jeffrey Russell's writings Inventing the Flat Earth and The Myth of the Flat Earth. Today though, combining the negative effects of social media with the low-quality science education of our public schools, and we have a global phenomenon whereby, as per above, 10% of the population of France (a secular society) is unsure about a spherical Earth, and remember, according to LiveScience the president of the Flat Earth Society Daniel Shenton is a Darwinist.

* Young Earth Creation Movement Rescues Flat Earthers: The massive, worldwide young earth creation movement rescues people out of the flat earth movement. Here at Real Science Radio we hope research will be conducted to determine who is more likely to believe the earth is flat, folks who graduated from Christian home school or from public school? Hopefully it's not from bias, but we predict that publicly schooled people are significantly more likely, partly because of their poor science education and partly because so many are potheads.

Today's Resource: Evidence Against the Big Bang


When people wonder what evidence exists for the Big Bang, many ask Google. And not surprisingly, when folks search for: evidence against the Big Bang, Google sends most of them on over to Real Science Radio's List of Evidence Against the Big Bang. Yet this is surprising: When NASA urges you to trust the theory because of its confirmed "predictions", folks who Google: big bang predictions, also find RSR's article ranked #1!

This video can help prepare you for the coming revolution in cosmology. The nine pieces of evidence presented herein are bringing people out of the failed science of the 1900s and into the 21st century demanding truth regarding both the origin of universe and ultimately, the origin of ourselves.

And now, let's leave out the word "predictions" and leave out the word "against". Increasingly, when scientists and others just Google: big bang evidence, the search engine is sending them on over to RSR's evidence AGAINST the Big Bang! So whether you are a creationist or even if you're dug in still defending the old scheme on the origin of the cosmos, you'll want to watch this video to catch up with the latest amazing science on the big bang! 

Big Bang Video Endorsements

- Former NASA Cassini Saturn mission lead ground systems administrator David Coppedge:
"Great work on the Big Bang video! It's excellent. You did your homework and the information is presented clearly at the right level for most people. I like how you preemptively close off comeback arguments from materialists."
Coppedge is a board member of the group that produced the Privileged Planet video.

- Australian physicist, cosmologist, professor, and award-winning co-creator of the world's most precise clock, physicist Dr. John Hartnett:
"I recommend that you buy and watch RSR's Big Bang video! I find it to be excellent. During RSR's on-air debate with Lawrence Krauss, this leading big bang proponent said that, 'All evidence overwhelmingly supports the big bang.' So RSR began assembling a list of peer-reviewed evidence against the paradigm which led to this great video!"

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