Hey Dr. Drum, What's Killing Americans?

ricky-williams-blames-pot-for-getting-high.jpgCalifornia Dr. Phillip A. Trump, anti-pot activistThere's no one better than the Bay Area's Dr. Phillip Drum to present the case against marijuana. His background in California as a pharmacist turned patient safety expert qualifies him to see clearly the pharmaceutical harm caused by THC. And his role as a brother justifies his outrage against those who lie about marijuana after a pothead murdered his sister in a head on collision. Dr. Drum urges us all to contact Heidi King 888-327-4236 at the U.S. Department of Transportation and urge her to immediately launch the national use of oral swabs so that roadside law enforcement officers will Bob on Drugs BEL classic DVDknow what kind of drug influence a driver is under.

* Today's Resource: "Caller, speak your mind..." It’s Todd, a drug addict, desperate, lifeless, and out of money, who needs help. Did he call the right place? Bob suggests a government program. Well, not exactly! Learn what the Bible says about drugs. And pick up tips for helping others as you watch Bob offer hope and the solution.