ThThurs: The Epistle to the Romans Pt. 1

* Epistle to the Romans: Today Bob presents part one of his verse-by-verse study of the Apostle Paul's Epistle to the Romans. Romans, the greatest theological treatise ever written, answers: Is there proof of God's existence? What can be known of God apart from the Bible? Are men born with a knowledge of God? Are men basically good or basically evil? What role will a man's conscience play on Judgment Day? Why does God condemn sexual immorality including homosexuality? Why do we blame Adam more than Eve? Who is Jesus Christ? Is there any hope for the man who has never heard the Gospel? Did God's choosing of Israel actually benefit the Jews? Is the world still under the law? Are Christians under the law? Why did God give Abraham two covenants, the first of grace, and the second of works?
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Bob Enyart's verse-by-verse study of the Book of Romans

Today's Resource: BRAND NEW: The Book of Isaiah -- Thus saith the Lord. From the first chapter to the last, through this ministry in Judah, God’s voice is heard loud and clear. Not surprisingly, the Hebrew prophet Isaiah confronts the church and the political leaders of our day as forcefully as he did 2,700 years ago the ancient nation of Israel. Bob Enyart’s verse-by-verse study of the life’s work of this great prophet reveals the heart of God. As we turn the pages through the book we learn without any doubt of the LORD’s priorities. In this high-quality presentation of these studies, you will hear the question asked: Are God’s priorities those of today’s religious leaders? Are they yours? So join us as the fascinating chapters fly by from the virgin birth prophecy in Isaiah 7 to the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 and from the Lord’s First Advent to His Second Coming!

The Book of Isaiah

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