Taking United Airlines Side Against Bill O'Reilly

* Just Before Being Dragged Out: Bill O'Reilly's last stand is discussed by Bob Enyart. The O'Reilly Factor's last populist outcry was against, of all things, United Airlines, criticizing them instead of the passenger who refused to comply with flight crew instructions. O'Reilly's mind was obviously on other things.

* In Defense of United Airlines: Populist opinions notwithstanding, as a ticketed passenger you agree to comply with all lawful instructions from the flight crew. If the plane is at the Jetway and a stewardess asks a passenger to depart the plan, then you grab your carry-on and leave the flight. That's what a mature adult does. That is not the time to try to change airline policy. If the airline is mistreating you, you have many options. Take legal action. Write to the board of directors. Post on Facebook and Twitter. Use your camera to record what's happening. Call the media. But one of your lawful options is NOT that you are going to refuse to comply with cabin crew instructions and try to remain on the plane when a representative of the airline has told you to disembark.