the covid, a molecular biologist, and an rna vaccine

More than a year ago, on January 29, 2020, Real Science Radio's interview of Kevin Anderson of the Van Andel research center may have been the world's first full-program broadcast interview with a molecular biologist on the coronavirus outbreak. Today, Bob Enyart and CRS' Dr. Anderson update their reporting on the covid to include discussion of RNA, an RNA vaccine, and vaccines morally tainted by testing or manufacturing with tissue from aborted babies. As of today, March 19, 2021, alll of the covid vaccines available, from Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, were tested and/or produced with fetal cells. We invite you to see the covid vaccine page at the highly-reliable for the latest information!


* 2020 Image of the Human Cell:, the source of this stunning image, credits the various technologies and persons involved:

A small segment of a human cell

And see this stunning animation from the anti-Darwinist intelligent design folks over at the Discovery Institute...

To share the above two items you can use for, "Look what the Lord hath wrought!"

* How Close Is Too Close: When considering activity morally stained by a relationship with the killing of unborn children, whether in commerce or medicine, how close is too close? Toward answering that question, consider this letter that Bob Enyart wrote to someone critizing Colorado Right To Life for accepting donations via PayPal...

Hi Christine!

Thanks so much for writing and for your love for the innocent! We encourage you in your boycott of PayPal. Hopefully it will make a difference!

Sadly, in so many ways, most major companies, especially the tech companies and national brands, provide enormous support for the abortion industry. Firms with direct connections to financially supporting Planned Parenthood include Verizon, T-mobile, United Airlines (which here in Denver even helped PP purchase their mega-abortion mill), Adobe, American Express, Bank of America, Bath & Body Works, Ben & Jerry's (as in Pelosi's freezer), Boeing (with their 737s that we all fly), Clorox, Converse, Dockers, Energizer, Expedia, ExxonMobil, Fannie Mae, Groupon, Intuit (accounting software, Quicken/Mint/Quick Books), Johnson & Johnson (Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Benadryl, BENGAY, Imodium, Pepcid, Sudafed, Listerine, Band-Aid, Neosporin, Polysporin, Caladryl, Baby Powder, Desitin, Stayfree, Mylanta), Levi Strauss, Liberty Mutual, Macy's, March of Dimes, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Nike, Oracle, Pepsi (who performed their own aborted fetal tissue taste-test research until we helped stop them), Pfizer, Progressive Insurance, Starbucks, Susan G. Komen (which we fight to expose), Tostitos, Unilever (Lipton, Vaseline, Brut, Hellman's Mayonnaise, Comfort, Dove soaps), United Way, and Wells Fargo.

Many more businesses financially support abortion, directly and indirectly, including billions of dollars worth of "in kind" donations such as Sprint and AT&T. Another example of helping Planned Parenthood, from this very weekend, is Amazon (Bezos/Washington Post) kicking Parler off its servers, Parler being a prolife-friendly free speech platform in competition with Twitter which is overwhelmingly editorially and otherwise pro-abortion). The businesses that provide enormous support worth far more even than the dollars the abortionists get from the above companies, include Facebook, Twitter, Direct TV, and Dish. Also, the companies that financially support efforts which are primarily pro-abortion, for example, those that fund the nothing-if-not-pro-abortion "Womens Marches" around the nation, include Adobe, Aetna, Allstate, Autozone, Avon, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BP (British Petroleum gasoline), Charles Schwab, Craigslist, Deutsche Bank, Freddie Mac, Frito Lay, General Electric (their appliance division was purchased by China's Haier in 2016 with the rights to use the "GE" brand name for forty years), Jiffy Lube, JPMorgan Chase, Kaiser Permanente, Kraft Heinz, March of Dimes, Monsanto, Nike, Oracle (with their PeopleSoft and Sun Microsystems), PayPal, Prudential, Qualcomm, Shell Oil, and US Bank. 

Some companies go even further, like Walmart. Not only is their corporate policy pro-abortion, but they actually are abortionists themselves. They effectively perform abortions, with Walmart itself having killed hundreds of thousands of unborn children by selling in their stores the abortifacient Morning After Pill. Of course when you look at the actual support for abortion, financial support and the even greater "in-kind" support, it crosses not only the entire economy but also the major political parties.

For example, as you can see documented at, the Republican Prescott Bush was the treasurer for and a board member with Margaret Sanger of national Planned Parenthood and his son president George H. W. Bush began "Family Planning" Title X funding, the conduit used to send billions to Planned Parenthood. Prescott's grandson, president George W. Bush, hailed as a hero by the "pro-life industry", in his eight years gave to Planned Parenthood a billion dollars more than Bill Clinton had given them even though for half his presidency Bush had the trifecta of a Republican White House, Republican Congress and a Republican Supreme Court. (Of course Jeb Bush was a director of the Bloomberg Family Foundation that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, but the pro-life leaders who supported him for president didn't seem to care much about that.)  You may recall that Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said abortionists should not get one red cent. He then fought for a budget that fully funded Planned Parenthood in his pro-Obama, pro-Democrat 2016 budget.

Republican presidents including Donald Trump have given millions to the abortion industryThen Republican President Donald Trump (with a Republican Congress), who could have fought against abortion funding the way he fought for funding for the wall, could have refused to sign any legislation that gave even a single dollar to Planned Parenthood. Instead, by his signature, he gave a billion dollars to the abortion firm authorizing for his first years in office funding of Planned Parenthood at Obama levels. (Before pro-lifers knee-jerk defend Trump signing those spending bills, which by comparison makes PayPal's donations to Planned Parenthood insignificant, they should consider how to defund ISIS. Step One: Don't give them a billion dollars.)

Christine, the corporations listed above supporting abortion could be multiplied, without exaggeration, by a thousand. Regarding the admirable goal of not supporting companies that support evil (and especially, abortion), the Apostle Paul put efforts like that in perspective when the Holy Spirit inspired him to write in the Bible, "then you would need to go out of the world" (1 Cor. 5:10). But again, thank you, and we do encourage you in your boycott of PayPal, even to not donating to Colorado RTL, and we hope your effort makes a difference!

In Christ,
Bob Enyart
Director, CRTL