The Fix is In on the Fundamental Constants!

RSR host Fred Williams is joined by co-host Doug McBurney to expose the gimmickry used by secular scientists to hide the fact that some fundamental constants are actually not so constant. Of particular note is their protection of the speed of light, which is closely harnessed to the sacred cow of special relativity. Einstein's thought experiment that led to special relativity was heavily based on Einstein's assumption that the speed of light is constant in a vacuum. Without this assumption, special relativity is dead. Secular scientist Rupert Sheldrake, who has a PhD in biochemistry from Cambridge University, gave a TED talk titled “The Science Delusion” that questioned 10 dogmas of science, one of which is that physics' fundamental constants are not so constant after all. He notes how the speed of light was measured to be decreasing over several decades, only to have a metrology committee decide to tie the speed of light to the units it is measured by, the meter. So if the speed of light changes, the length of the meter changes right along with it and we would never know the speed of light changed! Once again secular scientists have to resort to shenanigans to support their worldview. It also predictably resulted in Sheldrake's talk being banned from TED.