Bergman on Anti-Evolutionist C. S. Lewis: The Most Prolific Creationist on the Best-Selling Christian Author

Dr. Jerry Bergman, author of 1,170 science papers, articles, and books, has now written the definitive book C. S. Lewis: Anti-Darwinist. One proof of a hundred in the book is what Lewis wrote to leading creationist Bernard Ackworth. "I wish I were younger... [I] think that you may be right in regarding it [evolution] as the central and radical lie in the whole web of falsehood that now governs our lives..." After reading about twenty of Lewis' books, RSR's Bob Enyart concurs with Bergman's conclusion and mentions the demonic character Prof. Weston from Perelandra whom Lewis describes as a devotee of "emergent evolution", the author's term for macroevolution.

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* One of RSR's Favorite Lewis Quote: From

On Scientific Thought, by C.S. Lewis
[Christian Reflectionspage 77]

If popular thought feels ‘science’ to be different from all other kinds of knowledge because science is experimentally verifiable, popular thought is mistaken. Experimental verification is not a new kind of assurance coming in to supply the deficiencies of mere logic. We should therefore abandon the distinction between scientific and non-scientific thought. The proper distinction is between logical and non-logical thought. - Lewis

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