The Briefest Worst Case Against Child Molester Woody Allen

Liberals love Hollywood's hero Woody Allen. What's not to love? Well, aside from his affinity for convicted child rapists like Jeffrey Epstein and Roman Polansky, there's the girl Babi Englehard whom Allen criminally began a sexual relationship with when she was only 16. And there's the court that found clear evidence indicated Allen molested his 7-year-old daughter Dylan whom he had adopted with Mia Farrow. And molesting Dylan happened while Allen was "dating" Dylan's older sister, and while he continued to be interested in their mother. He helped to raise this older sister, Soon-Yi, his de facto stepdaughter, for about ten years while he was Farrow's "partner". Then Allen begins his infamously creepy relationship with the girl. His obsession gets her fired from her summer camp counselor job and he eventually marries this young woman who's been like a daughter to him. He continues to describe his relationship with her as "parental" and when asked about his thoughts toward Soon-Yi back in the "late '80s", which was when she was still a tennager, he answers, "I thought it would just be a fling." Then the mother became enraged all over again when she found naked, raw photos Allen took of his "stepdaughter". This led him to immediately try to make amends by offering a marriage proposal. To whom? Who did he want to marry? Soon-Yi? No. Her mother. Mia Farrow. There's no bottom to this abyss. And with all that, the child-molesting pervert Woody Allen remains a celebrated hero to countless liberals. And finally, Allen's on-screen perversion (true of entertainers generally, for "until Hollywood respects women on camera, they cannot respect them off camera") will forever condmen him unless he repents. Also on today's program Bob reminds folks of what makes Alec Baldwin one of the beautiful people, and of the only jury in Los Angeles' history that was blasted as it should have been by the judge.