Pulling for a Canadian Dad & Daughter, Brad & Menno Join Bob

homosexual persecution of jack phillipsClark's 14-year-old daughter has been caught up in the social mass delusion of transgenderism. Thinking he might get help from their Canadian education system, dad recommended that his daughter see the school counselor. Unsurprisingly, that backfired. He's also been warned by British Columbia supreme court justice Frank Marzari that if he again refers to this girl as his "daughter", or with a female pronoun, he will be "arrested" and that even, "without warrant". Enter Brad and Menno, long-time friends of Bob Enyart Live. They are among the many people of good will who are coming alongside the dad to encourage him and to stand with him in his ongoing fight on behalf of his daughter's wellbeing. Meanwhile, as Bob points out, the British media have exhibited their own bigotry and prejudice hurling hate speech at the royal offspring of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by putting an unfair burden on him having the gall to refer to him as a "boy". That's just cruel.

* Meanwhile, the Latest on a Transitioning Student: During today's interview, news was just breaking of more school violence with one student dead and others shot at Colorado's STEM School Highlands Ranch, with one of the two "suspects" a transitioning student. American Right To Life president Leslie Hanks tweeted:

* Correction: On today's program a guest described the "cosmological constant" as the speed of light, which on a cosmological scale, in a vacuum, is considered a constant. However, for the actual cosmological constant, please see rsr.org/fine-tuning#cc.