The Blackface Coverup

* Late Term Blackface: Listen in to find out why Governor Northam’s infanticide is just the latest act in a long running show, and why advocating for the murder of the innocent at any stage of life should be the outrage that motivates all of us toward abolition.


* Tuck and Roll: Hear a “conservative” and a “liberal” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” babble over one another in order to avoid the crux of the issue at the heart of the so called “late-term abortion” debate.


* The Least of These: (Update: Hear Bob Enyart informally debate this former abortionist at Listen in as Dr. Anthony Levatino describes the act of child killing children before congress, and wonder along with Bob and co-host Doug McBurney about why the Republican officials who occupied all three branches of government did precisely nothing about it.


* The Chinese Space Program Reports to Walt Brown: Even thought it gets more sunlight, the far side of the moon, unexpectedly to NASA and China's space program, is 30 degrees F colder than the near side. As it turns out, the Chinese Space Program also reports to Walt Brown. :) So tune in to find out why the far side is so cold!