Thomas Seyfried: Metabolic Cancer Theory Part II

*If you missed Part I with Dr. Seyfried, Listen Here!

*Weight Loss & Mitochondrial Health: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney invite Boston College professor of biology Thomas Seyfried, MD, Ph.D., to further discuss cancer prevention, mitochondrial health, and the side benefit of weight loss.

*Targeting Tumor Cells: Dr. Seyfried hints at how therapeutic Ketosis may become a standard of care in cancer treatment, and why existing drugs that could be effective in concert with ketosis may not be favored in research for effective Cancer treatments. And Doug hints at why a “paleolithic primordial ancestry” is not necessary to trace humanity’s history of ketogenic diets.

*Problems Solved, Problems Made: We’re living longer, but are we living healthier? Hear how western medicine, the scientific method and affluence have helped solve so many of the pathologies that killed us before but have led to new chronic diseases that should be addressed now that we should know better.

*Science Advances “One Funeral at a Time”: Find out why the medical establishment’s cancer treatment “standard of care” (meaning irradiation and chemotherapy) may be inhibiting research into an alternative pathway for cancer treatment. And how solving the cancer epidemic will not be solved by the market, or the academic machine, but instead by love. Go to the Foundation for Metabolic Cancer, and be sure to check out the AFFORDABLE Summary of Dr. Seyfried’s book, especially if there is a cancer diagnosis in your family.