Hydroplate Hit Pieces (& Hammers) Part 4

Fred Williams and co-host Doug McBurney talk about fake news, a dinosaur DNA mummy, Kevin Lea, DART & Dimorphos, an ocean inside the earth, the Devil's Hole & the Hydroplate Theory.

*Deli Shaming: Hear Fred Williams & Doug McBurney react to PJ Media’s claim that there’s no shame in being duped by the “Proxima Centauri” image posted by jokester Etienne Klein back in August.

*Dino in a Pickle: Paleontologist & professor Brian Pickles comments upon the amazing preservation of DNA and other material in what might be called a "Dinosaur Mummy". Could dinosaur soft tissue be so perfectly "pickled" after 76m years?

*Dart Works for Walt Brown: Hear predictions from Friend of RSR, Pastor Kevin Lea about what NASA’s DART mission would reveal when it crashed into Dimorphos = #A4B!

*Diamonds are Walt Brown’s Best Friend: Listener Avery sent RSR the story of a diamond from as far as 660 meters below the earth’s surface that reveals evidence of the likely presence of large quantities of water down there.

*The Devil and HPT: Well, not the actual devil, but “The Devil’s Hole” Cave in Nevada’s Death Valley is a 500+ foot deep cave filled with water. And during earthquakes, (some as far away as Indonesia) the water down there sloshes up and down as if there might just be interconnected subterranean water chambers down there.

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