Brain Dead Patients Keep Waking Up

*Defining Deviancy Down: Fred Williams and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the legacy of Anne Heche in light of the claim to fame she got stuck with: having been used to promote perversion by the left alongside the mean and rotten Ellen Degeneres.

*A Eulogy for Anne Heche: We remember some truths & half-truths about Anne Heche, and what she will be remembered for aside from just being that lesbian everybody saw with Ellen, (who was molested, and Anne who was molested, and all the sexually dysfunctional people out there who were molested).

*Brain Dead is NOT Dead! Fred Williams points out that if someone is dead, there is no need to add extra words and syllables to describe their condition, (and that Brain Dead is something other than dead… alive).

*Father Reunited with Living “Brain Dead” Son: George Pickering II and George III have been reunited after dad served time for storming the hospital where his son had been declared “brain dead”, (and saving George III’s life)!

*Case Studies: Listen in to get details about brain dead patients who keep waking up like: 10 day-old baby Kaleb, a 3 month old baby declared “brain dead” by the British NHS who started breathing during hearings to end life-support, 19 year-old Lewis Roberts, stroke victim T. Scott Marr, and 18 year old accident survivor, (and “almost organ donor)” Trenton McKinley.

*The Gospel Truth: Everyone at Real Science Radio wishes to remind you that despite all the confusion, tragedy and sorrow in the world, there is good news for everyone.