Quantum Entanglement Interrupted

*The Diet Before Christmas: Fred and Doug McBurney were supposed to talk about quantum entanglement but got distracted with stories from Christmastime, Colorado Green Chili Cheeseburgers, and a few other topics…

*Fred’s Big Modeling Gig: Get the inside skinny on Fred Williams' submission to the upcoming International Creationist Conference (ICC) about the positives and pitfalls of computer modeling in general, and creationist oriented geophysical modeling in particular.

*Ehrlich Bombs Again: Hear the completely failed predictions of “The Population Bomb” Author Paul Ehrlich from about 50 years ago, and then wonder aloud with us why anyone at CBS News is still interested in promoting his predictions.

*The Man in the Moon: Fred can’t have all the fun, so Nicole McBurney and her dad submitted a paper to the ICC offering a theory on why we see “the man in the moon”, and other lunar features.

*HPT at ICR! Speaking of the inside skinny: a presentation was made in December to the top brass at the Institute for Creation Research, (Henry Morris’s granddaddy of them all!), by some of the world’s top Hydroplate theory advocates and it was warmly received. Join us in praying for all the godly efforts to glorify our creator, and explore the fascinating  and instructive events of creation and Noah’s Flood.

*Boreholes, Models and HPT: Borehole modelling predictions versus borehole reality from Ellis Hughes' new book "20 Reasons to Questions Plate Tectonics" and why it’s anything but boring for HPT enthusiasts!