James Tour and the Origin of Life

*RSR on Tour: Dr. James Tour is a synthetic organic chemist, with a Bachelor in chemistry from Syracuse, a Ph.D. in synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry from Purdue, and postdoctoral training in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Wisconsin and Stanford, almost 800 research publications, over 130 patents (& another 100 pending). Dr. Tour also has a strong presence on YouTube, and an offer for anyone who is not a believer to hear how he became a believer in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.
*The BIGGEST Controversy: You be the judge! Is the largest organ in the human body the liver, or the interstitium?
*The Chemistry Between Us: Today's interview with Dr. Tour pairs nicely with another RSR chemistry/abiogenesis interview with Dr. Royal Truman!
*James Tour's Origin of Life Challenge: Hear, (and see) the OOL challenge that started it all!
*The Origin of Life Scam: Hear Lee Cronin describe the "brilliant" scam that is origin of life research.
*God and Man at Harvard: Hear all about what happened behind the scenes to make Dr. Tour's meeting with Lee Cronin at Harvard.
*(Not Your) Stepping Stone: Hear about the article about fatty acids, claimed by the mainstream media to be a discovery in "origin of life research, (even though it's not).
*Pity Professor Dave: Hear how poor "professor" Dave Farina was set up by institutional forces who put him up to a debate on origins of life against James Tour that they wouldn't dare engage in themselves.