Black History Month Special - The Breakdown of The Nuclear Family

*Post show correction: The book The Population Bomb (1968) was published several decades after the first Planned Parenthood was established. However, the neo-malthusian idea that the globe was reaching its maximum capacity was popularized in the 1940's and had been floating around for a while. And these neo-malthusians played a significant role in promoting birth control. 

Black History Month: Today on the Dominic Enyart show, Scott Shamblin runs us through a brief history of black and the origins of Black History Month. 

Another Day, Another Bill: Colorado wants to spend $100,000 of your tax dollars to fund a study to "determine any historical and ongoing effects of slavery and subsequent systemic racism on Black Coloradans" and figure out what policies to put in place to counter the alleged racism. 

Breaking It Down: It's no secret that families of ALL races in the United States (and other first world countries) are facing a major crisis: the collapse of the nuclear family. The enlightenment, feminism, the civil rights movement, and godlessness in general, has created the perfect storm to get us to where we are today. We proposed a wildly complex solution to fix broken families: 1) Get married and 2) Stay married! The best part of this solution is that it doesn't take $100,000 to figure out! 

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