ThThurs: Nehemiah Pt. 8

Nehemiah: The Hebrew Scriptures, which are the original Old Testament, present Ezra and Nehemiah as only one book: Ezra. Why do the Christian editions of the Old Testament separate that book into Ezra and Nehemiah (which are otherwise identical to the Jewish text)? What did Israel rebuild first, the Temple or the wall of the city of Jerusalem? What was built first, God's house, or the houses of Jerusalem's citizens? And how does the story of Esther relate to the story of Nehemiah? What historical value does Nehemiah's story possess, and what spiritual lesson does this governor teach us? God had instructed the Jews to live separately from the Gentiles, and especially not to marry them. But what does that Mosaic Law of separation mean to the Body of Christ today, which is made up mostly of Gentiles? 

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