Christian Reply to Euthyphro's Dilemma #3

Bob Enyart reports briefly on Matt Drudge's apparent abduction (or rejection, as in, hell hath no fury like a gossip columnist scorned), on the Pope's confused request for help, and on the Tulsa thug who resisted arrest severely injuring one officer and murdering another. Then Bob continues his "clear thinking segments" using as fodder the atheist "Euthyphro" argument. Google ranks Bob's Christian reply #1 at On Euthyphro Part 1 Bob introduced Socrates' argument and in Part 2 evaluated the Divine Command View. Today in Part 3 He introduces what's called the Recognition View. To hear the full series, just click on over to

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BEL%20TV%20CLASSICS%20Template.jpgBob Enyart, America's most popular, self proclaimed, rightwing religious fanatic, homophobic, anti-choice talk show host is the Pastor if Denver Bible Church. Nielsen ratings have shown BEL drawing a larger audience than NBC's Conan O'Brien on a couple nights each week, for example, in South Bend, IN, a top 100 American market with 300,000 households!

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