Christian Reply to Euthyphro's Dilemma #2

After making fun of the public school system for not even teaching kids how many kidneys they have (nor that the kidneys are the locus of thought :) and correcting the record on the number of U.S. medical docs (more than a half million) who believe that humans exist because of God, Bob Enyart continued his rebuttal of the atheist "Euthyphro" argument. Google ranks Bob's Christian reply #1 at and brilliant scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati links to KGOV from his own writing on Euthyphro! On Euthyphro Part 1 Bob introduced the argument that dates back to Socrates which asks 1) Is something (like humility) good because God recognizes it as good? Or 2) Is something good because God commands that it is good? Today Bob discusses option two, called the Divine Command View, which leads to theoretical possibilities like Thou shalt murder, Thou shalt steal, Thou shalt bear false witness. (And for any liberal reading this, the part about the "locus of thought" was a joke of course.) To hear the full series, just click on over to

Today's resource:
Spiritual Growth Pack:

Christians sometimes need a push forward to grow spiritually. After forty years as a Christian, these teachings represent my best effort at discipling another Christian to mature in his or her relationship with God:

  • The Plot presents an amazing overview of the whole Spiritual_Growth_Pack.jpgBible story.

  • The Tree leads a believer into a deeper relationship with God.
  • Predestination & Free Will will help the believer better understand God and reality.
  • Bible Tour of Israel brings the viewer along on our trip to Israel and celebrates much of what he has already learned reinforcing the key spiritual truths!

So many believers have said that their understanding of the Bible has grown greatly and their spiritual lives have matured as they have benefited from these four teaching materials. We invite you to do likewise!