Squid Creates its Own Moon!

With Doug on assignment, Ryan is back in studio and joins Fred to go through the latest Creation Magazine. Fred was quick to congratulate Ryan on his recent engagement to Hailey Guyette!

The highlight of the magazine were two articles on the squid, yet another uniquely fascinating creature in God's creation. Tune in to find out how the squid can change its underbelly appearance to appear as the moon shining through the water, effectively hiding the squid for prey and predators lurking beneath them. You will also discover that squid and human brain development use the same blueprint, which is yet another fatal blow to evolution. 

Fred and Ryan also talk about how the so-called "simple" jellyfish regularly solves differential equations to propel through the water, as reported in Quanta Magazine. The article is titled “What Can Jellyfish Teach Us About Fluid Dynamics?” by Steven Strogatz who interviews Dr. John Dabiri, a professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering at CalTech.

Fred and Doug will be at the ICC Conference in Cedarville July 16 through 19. If you are there please stop by the RSR booth and say hi!