Psychoanalysis, ADHD, Drugs and Damnation Part II

*Asperger's NAZI Connection: Fred's prediction about one of the fathers of modern psychological thought being a godless atheist turns out to be true! Hans Asperger was a willing participant in the NAZI effort to classify and then kill people deemed worthy of death.

*Brain Dead Not Dead Again: Once again a woman declared brain turned out not to be dead, (because brain dead doesn't mean dead).

*A Diagnosis by Any Other Name: Listen in as Fred Williams and Doug McBurney reveal the curious means by which millions of kids, (mostly boys) are being diagnosed with so-called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder..

*Symptoms of Boyhood: Does your teenage boy have trouble listening and paying attention? Does he fidget? Does he run and climb when it's inappropriate? The head shrinker might tell you he needs amphetamines. The "medical" marijuana peddler might suggest THC. But RSR suggests godly training & discipline, and the fellowship of believers.

*The Myth of ADHD and the Reality of Teen Suicide: Even the CDC acknowledges that Adderall and Ritalin are powerful drugs with significant side effects, (and they even list some of the negative effects of Marijuana). We hope that government agencies are looking into the alarming rise in teen suicide, that has coincided with the rise of ADHD diagnoses and "treatment."

*We Got You Covered: Hear how the idea that drugging little Johnny is packaged and sold to parents through the health insurance and pharma industries. But you can contact RSR if you need advice on godly child rearing!