What is Money?

DEBATE ANNOUNCEMENT: This Saturday (03/18/23) at 6:00 PM, Dominic (alongside Open Theist Bo Hornick) is going to be debating “Does the Bible Teach the Future is Eternally Settled?” As he and Bo prep for the debate, we’re going back to a broadcast classic from the late great Bob Enyart discussing, money. What it is, where it comes from, and why it has value.

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Definition of Money: In the 1990s here at Bob Enyart Live, I wrongly claimed that justice required a return to the gold standard, whereby currency was formerly backed by reserves of precious metals. Years ago you could return a $10 bill, also called a gold certificate, to a bank and receive a certain amount of gold. After studying and thinking about money for years, reading economic texts and reflecting on the Bible, asking questions of internationally renowned economists, I now know that the definition of money is not gold or silver (although they can be used as money). But money is more like a transferable IOU. Most accurately, money is the accounting of transferable incomplete transactions. That is what money actually is. You can see the rest of this at KGOV.com/money

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