Should We Be Anti-Abortion Vigilantes? (Pt. 2)

* What Factors Show Valid Civilian Use of Force: After the murder of abortionist George Tiller, Bob Enyart discusses questions five through eleven from American RTL's Vigilantism Worksheet. Can you identify the factors that determine when a civilian's use of force is justified or unjustified? These ARTL questions look at the special function of imminence in identifying a just use of lethal force. You might want to print out ARTL's vigilante worksheet to follow along as Bob discusses these vital and timely principles. And you can enjoy the discussion as Bob talks through the preceding and following questions on the ARTL Vigilante Worksheet!

* If you build it...: New York City is turning luxury Crown Heights condominiums into shelters for the homeless. The $300,000 condos come with granite countertops, terraces, marble bathrooms and walk-in closets. The developer signed a 10-year contract by which New York City is paying $2,700 monthly per apartment, provided the pampered residents get job counseling. ["I'll give 'em job counseling," says Enyart. "Get a job!"].

Says NYC's Department of Homeless Security, "There are a variety of ways to apply for DHS services!"

Says Bob Enyart, "Let's all drop what we're doing, and go to New York and get a free luxury unit!"

* You're Footing the Bill, Fred...: USA Today reports that the average U.S. household gets $17,000 in checks from the government (whoopee!) Oh wait. That also means that the average U.S. household has to:

PAY $17,000 a year to the government,

PLUS the hefty middleman fee that bureaucrats strong-arm from us,

PLUS all the other costs of city, county, district, state, and federal government,

PLUS the interest on the existing debts,

PLUS the principle payments on those debts.

(PLUS if there's anything left over, your own private expenses like rent and food, you selfish pig.

But don't fear, if you have nothing left, go to NYC for a free luxury Crown Heights apartment!)

Oh yes, and by the way, with benefit spending soaring to new heights over the last eight years, and now Obama's increase atop Gorge Bush's out-of-control socialist spending, immoral bailouts, and nationalizing of banks, one-sixth of the average American's income comes in a federal or state check, with government spending on benefits to top two trillion in 2009. So there!

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