RSR's List of Big Bang Predictions

Evidence for the Big Bang: NASA, Lawrence Krauss, et al.,
say it's the theory's predictions.
 [Updated Jan 10, 2021]

The Big Bang's Failed Predictions and Failures to Predict: As documented below (from 2014), the repudiation of the predictive ability of the big bang includes its many failures:
- the theory's failed prediction of an entire universe worth of antimatter
- the failure to predict thgravie universe worth of dark matter needed if the BB is correct
the 2.7K CMB background radiation and the missing shadow of the CMB
- 2014 claim, later retracted, of the discovery of inflation's gravity waves
- failed to predict inflation, another BB rescue device of questionable predictive value 
- the claimed predictions of initial abundances of the elements, hydrogen, helium, etc.
- the failure of big bang nucleosynthesis to account for most of the universe, dark matter, etc. 
- failures with magnetic monopoles, more on lithium, and the transparency problem
- expansion by post-dating expansion discovery and pre-dating the BB the theory could predict expansion
- the many observations undermining the big bang theory's foundational predictions of homogeneity and isotropy 
- and dozens of other major failed predictions of the big bang.

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