Consistency of the Bible | The Old Testament

Today on The Dominic Enyart Show we’re getting into the nitty-gritty with the old testament and beginning to lay out the overarching plot of the Bible. We see the entire old testament points to a coming Savior and ends on a cliffhanger. Tomorrow we will continue to look at how the Bible ties itself together. Also, we want to thank the brightest audience in the country for helping us to MEET OUR TELETHON GOAL! We reached our $30,000 goal and could not be more thankful for your outpouring of love and support. This will allow us to keep broadcasting for another year! We’ll be keeping the telethon banner up (on for the rest of the day for anyone who wants to get in on the telethon deals before we close. We cannot stress our thankfulness to our audience enough. God bless you all!