Don’t Teach The Left to Bully Us

The FBI yet again reveals itself to be a political hack of an organization by raiding the home of a pro-life spokesman. This ordeal further separates good from evil. The battle lines have been drawn. We are now faced with choosing between two strategies. A- Give the left everything they want and teach them that bullying us works, or B- use this as a healthy reminder we need to fight even harder, and preach a little louder.

Today's Resource: Bob Debates the Stars

Bob_Debates_the_Stars_converted__29469.1505491497.jpgWatch Bob Enyart debate celebrities on moral issues
on his many appearances on national television opposing

Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Flynt, Bill Maher, Judd Nelson, Sisqo, Victoria Jackson,
Marilu Henner, Dennis Weaver, Donny Osmond, Martin Short, Aisha Tyler,
Veronica Webb, Ruby Wax, Lynn Redgrave, Cherie Carter Scott,
Armin Brott, Colleen Haskell, and Jeffrey Tambor