A Flood of Webb Telescope Evidence

*What a Tangled Webb…: Hear words like “surprising”, “contradicting”, and “Panic!” from Big Bang promoters reviewing pesky empirical evidence from the Webb Space Telescope. All very much in line with descriptors predicted, (in almost Perry Mason Fashion) by “Sea Breeze” online 8 months ago.

*Proving a Negative: Hear how even secular authors are beginning to allow room for the uncomfortable possibility that the Big Bang never happened.

*Fundamentalists of the Universe, Unite! Images from the Webb Space Telescope are challenging some people’s “fundamental” understanding” of the “fabric of reality”. Sending scientists, - meaning materialistic promoters of the Big Bang Hypothesis “scrambling”…

*Out of the Woodwork: From the Milky Way, to Santa Cruz, to 14.2Bn B.C. Bing Bang Cosmology can’t get no respect I tell ya!

*Prediction: Hear Fred’s latest RSR prediction as regards the Webb Space Telescope and CEERS.

*An Outstanding, Standing Offer: you can debate the Big Bang, the Bible, (or pretty much anything else you disagree with us about) on the radio with Doug or Fred, or both. And they will even sponsor the show!