Possibly Lesbians and Probably P’Redditors’ | Part II

Probably Lesbian Nina Turner (PLNT): gets played! After posting a poll on Twitter (trying to skew the results) asking “Should the @POTUS cancel student loan debt?” 70% of respondents answered, “No, people should suffer!” And of course, embracing responsibility and fulfilling obligations isn’t something that should cause you to suffer.

Reddit bans “groomers.” No, woke Reddit didn’t kick off the child predators, but they banned the use of the word, “groomer.” Redditors have since been dubbed, “Predditors.

Pastor has one million stolen while preaching! If your pastor has one million dollars stolen from his person while preaching, that may just be a sign that you need to consider finding a new church.

TikTok Is more than just another social media disease. But as a Chinese-owned platform its algorithms promote productive content in China, and destructive content in America (you’ve probably seen one or two of the infamous child dancing videos).

Drama Queen AOC continues her embarrassing stunts by putting her hands behind her back while walking with the police. She does this playing pretend that she’s wearing handcuffs, but then (because of kgov.com/pot) forgets she’s pretending and throws a defiant fist in the air! Empower Embarrassing!

Laws Change because our government is evil, and has bad laws. In recent news, a parked car was ticketed after the curb next to the vehicle was repainted to be a “no parking” zone.

Mind Blowing Agape Kingdom Fellowship Exodus Sermon reveals that pharaoh, before commanding direct infanticide, commanded what would total resemble Partial Birth Abortion (PBA). And just like how pharaoh went from hiding his sin to being unashamed about it, so too will the left with their modern-day child sacrifice.

A Voice for the Unborn: Seth Gruber is coming to town, this Saturday, August 6th, 5 pm at Colorado Christian University! Register by clicking here!

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